We were approached to implement a full home automation system for the redevelopment of an old Town house. Tucked away in the back streets of Chelsea, the property boats large rooms and high ceilings, with 5 stories, 2 of which are basement levels, the property gives the impression of a Tardis, complete with lighting, shading, heating, Audio and Visual, and Network control capabilities.

The sub basement floor has a discreet room for the home cinema where a 5.1 setup was achieved through the use of Amina plaster over (invisible) speakers, Triad centre speakers and a 65” TV. With Plaster over speakers throughout the property and a dedicated cinema room, we needed to ensure the control system had multiroom and cinema room capabilities in one. Control4 was the natural choice as this allowed each room to have custom audio selection, while someone could be enjoying the home cinema. Control4 also integrates with the KNX system seamlessly, allowing the user to access all functions of the home from one place.
Lighting played a big role in this house as there were 2 basement levels. A combination of DALI and mains dimmable lighting were installed and controlled through the KNX system. We were able to customise the lighting completely with ease and gave each room different scenes for selection, whether that be a dinner party, relaxing with a film, or practical lighting.

There are touchscreens located through the property at focal points to allow the user access to the different functions of the property. There is also app control through iPad or phone, giving the user complete control and comfort.


plant control

Audio & Visual

Smart Control